About Us

Have you ever had a time when you failed to predict what’s coming because you trusted the information from the news and analysts? Someone’s subjective opinion and the truth is something that could be completely opposite.

Back in 2010, who thought that Airbnb would be what it is today?
In 2012, could anyone predict the rise of the global AI market?
Who would of thought that Google would lose interest in Robotics in 2016?

All of these facts were something nobody could have predicted back then.

However, there are futures that could be seen by analyzing big data.

Our company name, Foretop came from the platform at the head of a ship’s foremast. The Foretop was the most important part of a ship which helped the sailors discover new islands and quickly capture sudden changes to the weather.

We will be your Foretop and help you discover new tech trends and startups utilizing data analysis as a telescope.

Our technology will discover the future.

Our mission is to “Discover the Next”

Santa Clara, CA 95054

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